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  1. Arizona Archery Enterprises Cavalier Pro String Server
  2. BuckleGear Sternum Strap PRO
  3. BuckleGear Sternum Strap PRO
  4. Arrowmat Foam Target Face
  5. CAS Hanwei PC6006KFG Tiger Elite Katana Knife
  6. Shannon Outdoors Bug Tamer+Headnet With Face Shield Small/Medium
  7. Higdon Outdoors Alpha Series Full-Body Goose Decoy Bag
  8. Triple Trophy Split Harness Black 37"
  9. Gerber Blades Paraframe II, SS, Serrated, Clam
  10. Gerber Blades Paraframe II, SS, Serrated, Clam
  11. Haydel's Game Calls Flamin'bois Mallard Call
  12. Quicksilver® 2.4.C Marine Lubricant – 3-Pack
  13. Wisport EMT Pouch MOLLE A-TACS iX
  14. Higdon Outdoors Battleship Foam-Filled Wigeon Duck Decoys
  15. Higdon Outdoors Battleship Foam-Filled Wood Duck Decoys – Six-Pack
  16. FOXPRO Large Carry Case
  17. Amundson TR SUP Boardbag
  18. Allen Premium No Pinch Tab